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Choosing Best Quad Bikes for Beginners

Quad bikes are the perfect vehicles for outdoor enthusiasts and those who love being outdoors. For beginners, riding dirt bikes can be tough since balancing these bikes is a big challenge. Whereas, quad bikes are four wheeled and offer better balancing which makes riding much easier for the beginners. The good news is there are more choices available in the market than ever, so there are higher chances of finding the perfect quad bike for you. However with such overwhelming choices finding the perfect quad bike can become tougher.

It is very important for the beginners to choose the right bike since a wrong choice such as choosing a bigger engine than what you can handle, can pose a lot of risks. The key factors to determine the right quad bike are the age and experience of the person willing to ride the bike. With a little effort you can educate yourself with all the information needed to make the right decision while choosing a quad bike.

The ultimate goal should be buying a machine that you can handle comfortably, has smooth suspension systems and has the “thrill factor” you are looking for. Here are some tips that will help you choose the right quad bike.

Decide on the Type of Ride If you are willing to ride a quad bike, you should first determine what type of ride you are willing to go on – road, off road, racing or utility. The riding styles on these terrains differ considerably and you need an appropriate bike for a safe ride. For off road utility work, you need a utility quad. The key features of the utility bikes are versatility and comfort as well as in some cases the option of 4 wheel drive and high/low ratio which is ideal for towing. Most people opting for road use, leisure off roading or for using on race tracks, would opt for a manual geared quad which is more lightweight and agile as well as being faster and able to keep up with traffic or other racers hence speed, these are known as sports quad bikes.

Choose the Right Utility Quad Bike for Beginners Utility quads are designed to ride through varied terrains, so whether you are a hunter, backwoods fisherman or just an outdoor enthusiast, a utility quad is the perfect bike for you. If you are an adult and willing to experience some adrenaline rush by climbing hills or mudding you should settle for 4x4's, while the 400 cc's would be perfect for people who do not want extreme adventure. You can get a quad bike customised according to your needs, so find the perfect model and get it customised to suit your personal needs. Most quads nowadays come with selectable 2/4wd, winches and tow hitches as standard.

The Best Road/Race Quad for Beginners Road/Race quad are designed for speed, so this is perfect for people who can handle speed. Sports quads are designed and feature high-performance engines, better suspension, great handling and are very light weight. Sports quads look more aggressive than utility quads.

The Best Childs Quad for Beginners Most children would not have knowledge of manual gears so an automatic quad would be more suitable. It’s very tempting to buy a child a quad bike that will last and that they will grow into however safety must take priority so a quad the correct size and cc is a must. Sit the child on the quad and make sure they can reach the foot pegs with a good bend in the knee, buying a quad where they are on tiptoes or can’t reach the pegs can be dangerous. Most of the small quads can have the power restricted which is ideal whilst they are learning, many also have tether switches and some even have a remote cut off. Obviously the children’s quad bikes are for off road only and must never be used on road.

So if you have just started thinking about riding quad bikes or indeed buying a quad for somebody esle, it is better to go for a smaller cc and an automatic if you or they have no experience with a manual geared quad. On the other hand, if you are quite confident about handling a high-performance machine you can buy a higher cc sports quad. If you want to get the best of both worlds, you can settle for models that feature characteristics of both utility and sports quads. Before buying a beginners’ quad, determine the purpose of riding and then find the right model. Finally, get it customised for that perfect ride!

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