How can a Farm Utility Quad Bike be Road Legal?

Just as with other vehicles that use the road, road legal farm quad bikes must meet specific criteria before they are allowed on the road. The quad bikes have to go through stringent testing to meet EEC requirements, they must be taxed and have an MOT, they also need to be registered with a license plate as well as have lights and indicators. To ride them on the road legally the driver must have a category B license and be at least 17 years of age, and insurance is also compulsory. If the new road legal farm quad bikes you see for sale on another website do not meet the above criteria, then they are best avoided.

What is the Best Utility Quad Bike to Buy - New VS Used

If you are looking at the many utility quad bikes for sale, you may be wondering whether it is best to get a new or an old one. One of the benefits when buying new road legal farm quads is that you do not need to worry about the service history of the vehicle and if the previous owner took good care of it. You also have the added peace of mind that comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, just in case, there are any major mechanical failures. Quad Bikes R Us has a wide selection of road legal farm quad bikes for sale in the UK to choose from, and you know when you buy from us that you will not only be getting a quality new quad bike, but you will also receive excellent customer service.

Benefits of Buying a New Road Legal Farm Quad from Reputable UK Dealers

Here at Quad Bikes R Us, we have built a reputation that we are proud of, offering excellent service to our customers, as well as high-quality utility quad bikes in the UK. We can provide full after sales support, as well as servicing your quad bike. We can recommend training schools to learn how to use your vehicle correctly, as well as a company to do the MOT, as well as insurance for your quad. We also have financing options available to make the purchase process simple.

Our team of experts are here to help, and you can come and visit us at our showroom in Walden House Farm, Walden House Road, Great Totham, Maldon, Essex, CM9 8PN, or use our online contact form to ask a question. Alternatively, you can email us directly at or call us on Tel: 01621 893227, and one of our helpful and knowledgeable members of staff will be happy to assist you. You can be driving your brand-new quad bike on your farm, or the roads, in no time at all!