Why stick to scooters when you can give your kids a taste of motocross thrill by getting them one of our junior quad bikes for sale? Before allowing them to switch to motorcycles, let them experience some quad bike fun and add to their list of capabilities. Your teenagers don't necessarily have to exhaust all their energy into practising for a world racing competition. There's a lot of skill a person can learn from driving these vehicles, including having the confidence as well as knowing how to face problems or challenges to have a successful drive in certain terrain or location. When your young rider is able to apply the right grip as well as have full control in manoeuvring handlebars and wheels, they also get to learn the importance of focus and knowing limitations, among other things.

Make your choice from our stock of electric kids balance bike, mini quad, or electric quads for sale, and let your little ones be the envy of their peers. With the build quality of any of our motorbike, you can rest assured that you are provided with the kinds of deals that are worth the money and that are nothing but the best in the market. Here are some quads for kids that are sure to delight the young ones. Rest assured that we have the adults' specifications in mind.


All our kids quads and electric dirt bikes come with full after-sales service and support. We pride ourselves in the level of service that we offer, whether you purchase a 50CC kid quad bike or any of our other vehicles, which we price low, considering the quality as well as the technical support service that comes with your purchase. We also have the right technology to do checks, assembly, and even installation of a number of accessories and parts such as switching to the right wheel size to add more power to what would have been a standard vehicle, all keeping in mind the parent's discretion, of course. Your little ones would be so pleased with the results, as their dream fun bikes are brought to life.

We are committed to supporting our customers both during the sales process and afterwards as well. You can rest assured that all our childrens quads will be fully functional when you collect them, and ready for your child to enjoy. If you need it, we can also advise you on the engine type, the correct maintenance, and also the update your vehicle needs, to ensure that it remains fully functional for your child to use. If you find the price high, we also accept purchases on credit. After a background check and if you pass the requirements, a credit broker that is fully aware of and strictly adheres to the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority may be able to help. You won't have to wait for ages for the time you can buy your child quad bike that he or she will prefer over video games, encouraging them to be active and thereby improving their health.


Be it quads, bikes, or any other vehicle, it is essential that children be given proper safety and training before handing them the key. While it's expected that the little ones couldn't wait to put their hands on their new toy, you still have to make sure they know how to protect themselves before letting them loose on a brand-new dirt bike or even with quad bikes kids are safe to drive. Quad Bikes R Us can help with this as well. Aside from offering you a quad bike for kid at the best price, we can recommend an experienced school where your child can learn to ride like a pro, and where they will also be fully trained in the correct and safe use of their new toy. The last thing that you want to happen is for them to have an accident, so safety is a priority which is why they should always wear the correct safety equipment. For more information about this or any of our other services or products, contact us today, and one of our friendly and experienced team members will be happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.


If you are looking for cheap kids’ quad bikes, or an electric dirt bike, there really is no other place to go other than Quadbikes R Us. We like to think that all our customers are special, and as such we treat each one with the same level of respect and courtesy. We are here to assist in the process of purchasing a dirt or quad bike kids can drive, and you will no doubt have lots of questions with regards to safety and even delivery estimates, which we will be more than happy to answer. If you need any advice on servicing or maintenance, we will gladly assist you in any way that we can.

Once you've decided on a model, just place an order, provide the necessary details, and wait for delivery. We have a workshop onsite should parents want a pre-delivery inspection to make sure the item has the features they want or to check for any problem before taking the product home. You will also be guaranteed with a manufacturer warranty should you decide to buy one of the new models. After checking if everything is in order, including the stability of the vehicle, the petrol engine, battery, road tyres, gears, functioning lights, the track or the ground, and the items that should be brought along during the ride, all that's left for you to do is to watch your child drive off-road like a pro in one of the best kids quads.


How fast does a 50cc quad go?

A 50cc quad bike for kids has a top speed of 30mph, which is perfect for a short distance and going around town. You can have it modified so that speed setting between 37mph and 40mph is possible. However, it takes physical strength to control the vehicle if you’re travelling over 30mph.

What is a quad bike used for?

The usage and suitability of quads are quite broad, albeit restrictable. They don't only belong on the race tracks. Aside from sports and leisure, people also value them for their performance in farming. With these vehicles, you can plough terrains such as a field, kill weeds, and spread seed, salt, or rocks. You can also use them in lawn raking, snow ploughing, camping, hunting, and transporting materials, from wood to anything you can think of, even while playing your favourite music.

Why are quads so dangerous?

Driving quads can be so much fun. However, just like any type of vehicle, you have to be careful in driving quads. At high speeds, with the weight they have, quads can be unstable and hard to control, making collisions and even rollovers possible. As safety is every parent's main concern, better to exercise caution and get the kids to learn all the tips necessary as well as the different uses of the parts and safety features such as front rear brake fuel, brace bar, disc brakes, headlights, and thumb throttle. They also have to be aware of the max rider weight. Before they get behind the wheel and pull start an ATV, make sure they are wearing safety gear.

Are quad bikes legal in UK?

Classed as B1 vehicles, quads can be driven on public roads if it is approved, registered, taxed and, in some cases, have an MOT. The driver must have a full driving licence, such as full motorcycle licence category B1. A third party insurance is a must for things such as collision damage. If you only plan on riding off-road, no driving licence and no tax is required, but you have to register your vehicle.