Large Area Menage Rake


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This maintenance machine has been developed to cope with areas which have mainly a rubber surface incorporating sand and flock. To the front a single row of depth adjustable spring tines (An extra row may be fitted) comb through the surface breaking up the pan. Two leveling bars placed behind the tines level out the surface. To finish off the process a bar roller is fitted to gain the required surface look. A side blade which is detachable, pulls into the area the build up of material driven to the side boards. The unit is mounted on two side jack down wheels. The wheels have two main functions, to adjust the working pressures and to transport the unit to a safe storage area. The ball hitch draw bar is adjustable to obtain the correct height with the towing vehicle.
Photos show a selection of the various options available.

Working Widths
Width behind drawbar 1220mm (48")